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Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

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Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

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Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Elements of the IP Network

Learn the basics of IP network elements such as types of UTP (cat5e) cables, standards, and how to properly crimp the connectors for straight and crossover cables. Learning the fundamentals of networking will be essential for you to work with IP CCTV projects.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Data Link

In this chapter, you will understand the concepts of data link for CCTV cameras, what are the important factors related to the speed of technology types such as ADSL, Cable, and MPLS.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Bi-directional audio

Understand how the bi-directional audio works on IP CCTV cameras to listen to everything remotely.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

VMS and CMS software

Learn what VMS and CMS recording/monitoring software are available in the market and which are the most popular ones.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

RTSP protocol

Understand the basic principles of the RTSP protocol for CCTV and how it can be used in different situations to send video over the network to recorders, playback software, and Internet websites.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

CCTV cloud recording

Understand how CCTV cloud recording works and how to use existing platforms to record videos with redundancy, simplicity, and security.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Learn what NVRs are and what models are available in the market, see the different types of connection diagrams.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Computer networks

In this chapter, you will understand the principles of networking for IP CCTV and everything you need to know about the local area network (LAN) and global (WAN) networks. Your IP CCTV projects will not have geographical barriers as long as you understand the concepts presented in this chapter.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3


You'll learn the basics about VLANs for CCTV and how to separate broadcast traffic from IP camera networks traffic. How to use VLAN on projects that require CCTV cameras and computers on the same data network.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3


This chapter explains the basics of video compression for CCTV using MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, and H.265 CODECs. Understand why there are different types of codecs and why the more modern ones like H.264 and H.264 are more efficient.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Free CMS software

Get access to the most detailed material on popular free CMS software that works with different types of DVRs and cameras. There is no other manual that teaches about this Free CMS in such a deep level.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Wireless network for CCTV

Understand how a wireless network for CCTV works and what are the standards and equipment used in the market. Learn the concepts of SU (Subscribe Unit), CPE and Backhaul for network traffic.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Data Storage

In this chapter, you will understand how the equipment for storage of data via the network (NAS) can be used with your IP camera, DVR or NVR. There is even a practical example of how to use the device as a video manager.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Fundamentals of IP address

Learn the concepts of IP addresses for network devices in general and how to use knowledge in IP CCTV systems. Understand how network masks, gateway, and routing work. You will know how to choose the IPs appropriately for your project.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

IP cameras operational system

Understand what is the operating system of the cameras and how to connect the IP cameras with recorders and client software.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Digital CCTV

Learn how Digital CCTV systems (IPs) work and how the IP cameras that are used in CCTV design work.

The Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3 - Diagrams

CCTV Diagrams

See practical high-resolution examples of diagrams for IP CCTV projects. The best material to understand IP cameras design.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Switches for CFTV

Understand the principles of network switches and which models can be used for CCTV projects, learn more about the concepts of port speed and embedded intelligence.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

ONVIF Protocol

Understand how the ONVIF protocol works, allowing you to use different brands of IP security equipment such as cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Encoders, software and access control systems.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3

Fish Eye cameras

See the example of a Fish Eye camera model that can be used for special projects where full monitoring of an environment such as a room is required

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The Ultimate Security Camera Guide V3 - Diagrams

Ultimate Security Camera Guide
[Volume 3]

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