the ultimate security camera guide [Volume 2]

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Don't know how to configure DVR remote view ?

The step-by-step guide on how to configure a Digital Video Recorder for cameras remote view

You will learn how to configure any device quickly

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Learn how to configure remote access​

Have you ever gone through that situation where you want to configure remote camera view access to your client but you so confused about how the technology works?

With the right guidance, you will understand what types of settings you can use to meet your needs. Just follow step by step available in this guide.


The missing guide to solve your problems

The Ultimate Security Camera Guide V2
Learn the fundamentals

You will learn how technology works, regardless of brand

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The guide is in a format that can be easily read on your mobile phone​

The Ultimate Security Guide V2

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A step-by-step guide that has helped thousands of installers make extra money with remote access

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You can understand the technical features

Teach your customer remote access to cameras

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You will learn

The Ultimate Security Guide V2

Ultimate Security Camera Guide
[Volume 2]

The Guide to Becoming the Best Remote Access Professional on the Market

Enjoy the 50% discount

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Claudemir Martins

Meet the author of the guide

Claudemir Martins worked as an electrician and computer technician and specialized in computer networks and CCTV. He has trained people in 17 countries, worked for multinationals such as Samsung and now lives in the United States with his family.

The author of the guide is recognized in Brazil and other Latin American countries. He has the ability to explain technology concepts in a simple and objective way.

With over 18 years of experience with security camera installation and high quality CCTV projects, it has a simple and easy to understand method, as it specializes in training professionals.

Its focus is on keeping the material always up to date, and it is always looking for innovations in the market to add to the CCTV guide and allow students to learn more about new technologies and be always prepared for everyday life.


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