the ultimate security camera guide [Volume 1]

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The Ultimate Security Camera Guide

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The Ultimate Security Camera Guide

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Ultimate Security Camera Guide Vol1

You will learn...

Product Overview

The Ultimate Security Camera Guide is a PDF file with all the information you need to learn all the details about CCTV cameras quickly. Every page was written to be easy to understand, even for people without experience with cameras. See below the content of the Ultimate Security Camera Guide

What is CCTV

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Learn Closed Circuit Television's fundamentals and discover why it is so important.

Ultimate Security Guide

Coaxial Cables

Understand the fundamentals of CCTV coaxial cables and learn how to crimp the connectors correctly so you do not have problems with poor contact or interference.

The Ultimate Secuti

Types of CCTV Cameras

Understanding the types of cameras used in CCTV is critical to becoming a well-qualified professional. This chapter will help to improve your knowledge about the most used type of cameras.

Ultimate Security Guide

Mini Dome Cameras

See when installing mini dome cameras in discrete environments with the need for simple but efficient monitoring at a low budget.

The Ultimate Cameras Security Guide

CCTV lenses

Master the concepts of CCTV lenses and learn how to use the different types in each situation. You will understand the details of the technical jargon and will know how to interpret the information regarding the characteristics of the lens.

Motorized lenses

Motorized lenses

Understand that motorized lenses are beneficial for real-time viewing angle and aperture control. These lenses can be operated remotely and are required in special projects that demand high control of the monitored area.

Ultimate Security camera Guide

CCTV lenses quick guide

Get access to a complete guide to choosing lenses, with calculations containing most of the situations required for everyday use.

The Ultimate security camera guide

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Learn the details about the digital recorder (DVR) that is very important for the scanning and storage of images from analog cameras.

CCTV technologies

CCTV camera technologies

In a world full of new technologies and complex names, it's time for you to better understand AHD, TVI, CVI, and CVBS, that's exactly what you can do with this guide.

Ultimate Security camera Guide

Backlight compensation (BLC)

There is a big difference between backlight compensation systems that impact final quality and price, which is why you should learn the differences between them.

The Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Shutter Speed

Controlling the shutter is essential, especially in places and projects where objects move. Here, you will understand how this works and how to set up your CCTV camera.

Fundamentals of lighting

You will understand how light is essential for CCTV systems, mainly for projects where the amount of lighting is critical, and there is a need to use cameras that work with low light or infrared light.

Power supply

With the proper knowledge about power supplies, you will know how to scale your project correctly according to the current required number of cameras it will install. With simple diagrams and easy to use.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Box cameras

Learn about box cameras that have been used since the invention of CCTV, especially for projects that demand accuracy and in situations where it is necessary to work with vehicle license plate recognition.

Ultimate security camera guide

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras

Get access to the best content on setting up mobile cameras (PTZs) so widely used in projects that require monitoring large areas in detail. Learn what parameters should be configured and master the technology of these cameras.

The Ultimate Security Guide

Varifocal lenses

Learn how CCTV varifocal lenses work and their practical uses in various design situations requiring some control of viewing angles. This lens type is widely used for installations where fine adjustments are essential.

Panamorph lenses

You will understand what panamorph lenses are and their purposes for effectively monitoring environments where there is a need to visualize the area without blind spots. It's the concept of 360º monitoring.

The ultimate security camera guide

How to recover DVR lost passwords

Recover lost passwords from DVRs with procedures already tested by other users worldwide. You will be better prepared to help your client when needed.

SDI technology

SDI is an exciting technology for projects that demand high quality and should be free from interference. Learn what this technology is and how you should use it.

The Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Frames per second (FPS)

The number of frames per second is fundamental for CCTV projects; therefore, any professional in the area must learn the concepts and how to apply them. You will learn all these concepts here.

The ultimate Security Camera Guide

Example of a real project

See a practical example of a basic CCTV project from the beginning to the installation. Very useful for you who are in a hurry to install a surveillance camera system for your client but do not know where to start.

Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Infrastructure for CCTV

Learn which cables are used to install CCTV cameras and the maximum distances for video and power. Use charts to quickly determine what cables should be used for the project.

Grounding for CCTV

With this guide, you will understand how grounding works, what are the common issues and how to solve them. Learn what "ground loop" is and how to eliminate it.

The Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Bullet Cameras

Learn when to use the ideal bullets cameras for indoor and outdoor installation where effective but convenient monitoring is required for installation.

The Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Dome cameras

Understand when to install dome cameras to monitor indoor or outdoor areas that require better quality cameras and anti-vandalism protection.

Fixed lenses

Learn the most commonly used fixed lenses on the market and what they provide in terms of aperture angle and viewing angle in project situations that only need to monitor large indoor or outdoor areas.


CCD and CMOS sensors

Understand how they work and the difference between CCD and CMOS sensors used in CCTV cameras to convert signals.

The ultimate security camera guide

Digital resolution

Learn about digital resolution in CCTV systems. A very important topic that must be dominated by the best professionals in the market who want to be experts.

Analog resolution

Learn what analog resolution is and understand the details about cameras that present their description in TV line values (TVL). These concepts are fundamental for CCTV.

DVR Troubleshooting

DVR troubleshooting

See the most common problems encountered in the field by CCTV technicians and the tips for solving these problems with DVRs.

Ultimate Security Guide

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Understand what WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is and why this feature is so important in CCTV projects, especially when there are backlight problems.

The Ultimate Security Guide

White Balance

Colors are essential for evidence in CCTV, and you will learn the basics of white balance that controls color in CCTV cameras, especially the professional ones.

You just need to follow their steps

If you are an electrician or installer struggling to make enough money with your job, here you can find the perfect solution for your problem.

You can learn everything about security cameras, even if you don't have any previous experience. Just follow a step-by-step guide, and you will learn very fast.

What professionals are saying:

Jose Roberto
Jose Roberto
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"Learn a new skills allowed me to sell more to my customers and also look for new ones Install security cameras is not rocket science, specially if you learn from someone with years of experience. That is the best way to make extra money."
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"It was a very worthwhile investment, I have learned a lot!"
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"Great instructor I got the complete training and I am very satisfied, I recommend it for everybody!"
Nelson Luiz
Nelson Luiz
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"I had no experience at all with security camera installation, so I was looking for good content that is could be easy to understand. That is exactly what I found here. Learn about security camera was easier than I expected!"
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"I'm really like your way of teaching, practical and uncomplicated method, very good..."
Ultimate Security Camera Guide Vol1

Ultimate Security Camera Guide
[Volume 1]

The Guide you must have to become the best security camera professional

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Claudemir Martins

Meet the author of the guide

Claudemir Martins worked as an electrician and computer technician and specialized in computer networks and CCTV. He has trained people in 17 countries, worked for multinationals such as Samsung and now lives in the United States with his family.

The guide's author is recognized in Brazil and other Latin American countries. He can explain technical concepts simply and objectively.

With over 20 years of experience with security camera installation and high quality CCTV projects, it has a simple and easy to understand method, as it specializes in training professionals.

Its focus is on keeping the material always up to date, and it is always looking for innovations in the market to add to the CCTV guide and allow students to learn more about new technologies and be always prepared for everyday life.