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Hikvision message the device has already been added by another account

Hik-connect device added by other users (solution)

In this article, I show how to fix the problem with a smartphone app or software that displays the message “The device is added by other users” or a similar message when adding a new Hikvision camera or recorder to the Hik-connect.Another common message is, “The device has already been added by another account.” It’s […]

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CnVision client mini on my hands

Outdoor wireless camera transmitter and receiver for CCTV (cnVision)

In this article, I review an outdoor wireless camera transmitter and receiver for CCTV that allows us to send the video from IP cameras over long distances.The equipment analyzed is the cnVision Client Mini manufactured by Cambium Networks, a company specialized in this type of professional solution.I received three pieces of equipment in my laboratory […]

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Hikvision error code 0x1007

Hik-connect status offline 0x1007 (solved)

If you see the Hik-connect status offline, chances are your devices are having some problem to communicate to the Internet. Let’s see how to fix the problem…Usually, you can see a message with the error code 0x1007 that indicates the network problem and you need to address the problem to get the Hik-connect online.To solve the problem check […]

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DVR with Surveillance Hard Drive

How to choose the best hard drive for DVRs and NVRs

A common question among security system users is, “How to choose the best hard drive for DVRs and NVRs” and now you can have an answer for that question…They also have queries about the difference between a surveillance hard drive (HDD) and a desktop hard drive and are curious about the possible issues regarding setting […]

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How to setup Hik-connect

How to setup the Hik-connect (step-by-step)

Hik-Connect is a service that allows Hikvision devices such as security cameras and recorders to connect to the Internet and stream video without router configuration since it uses a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) method that it’s easier to setup.By using this service you can view your security cameras remotely from your mobile phone without the need of […]

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App for H.264 DVR Free Download

App for H264 Network DVR live view (Free Download)

Camera remote viewing over the mobile phone is required for every CCTV project, but H264 DVR mobile remote viewing has been a headache for many CCTV installers. But now you will learn how to solve this problem.When you purchased your H264 Network DVR what did the seller say about the DVR’s brand? Did he say […]

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